Critz Tries to Protect Social Security

U.S. Rep. Mark Critz has offered an amendment that will help protect Medicare and Social Security. The amendment was made during Tuesday’s House debate.

U.S. Rep. Mark Critz, D – Johnstown, offered an amendment to protect Social Security and Medicare during Tuesday’s House debate on a stopgap measure to extend federal funding of government agencies through April 8.

The continuing resolution will expire March 18. Continuing resolutions keeps the federal government funded until a budget can be passed.

Critz’s motion failed by a vote of 190 to 239. His motion would have prohibited funds in the legislation from being used to implement a system that cuts Medicare benefits or privatizes Social Security.

“The folks I live with and live around come to rely on Social Security,” Critz told House members.

Critz is concerned that as more cuts are made to the federal budget, some may target Medicare or Social Security. He said that Social Security has $2.6 trillion in reserves and has not contributed to the federal deficit.

“Don’t buy into this crisis legislation,” he said.

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